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DYL Boy's Program

Boy's Program

Welcome to Dedham Youth Lacrosse Boy's Program!

Our Boy's Program plays in the Massachusetts Youth Lacrosse League (MYL). Town teams are grouped into school year pairings: 1&2 grade, 3&4 grade, 5&6 grade, and 7&8 grade teams. The 7&8 grade town team pairs with Norwood to create "Dedwood Lacrosse". There are no tryouts to join DYL town teams. Town teams practice 2x each week (traditionally on Monday & Wednesday nights) and have one game per week (traditionally on Sundays).

The boys program also runs a Select Team in 5&6 grade, and 7&8 grade. These two Select Teams each pair with Norwood to create "Dedwood Select Lacrosse". Select Teams are determined through tryouts and have one additional practice and one additional game each week. Players must play for their town team to be eligible for Select Lacrosse.

We welcome all new players who wish to learn this amazing sport and encourage you to join us!

Required Equipment:

  • A lacrosse stick (specific to boy's lacrosse) 
  • Gloves (specific to boy's lacrosse) 
  • Helmet (specific to boy's lacrosse) 
  • Shoulder Pads (specific to boy's lacrosse) 
  • Elbow Pads (specific to boy's lacrosse) 

**CLICK HERE to see the USA Lacrosse Equipment Guide for more details and information.

  • Athletic Cup/Supporter
  • Mouth guard
  • Team jersey (Player specific number issued by DYL and jersey ordered through the program store. Your first jersey is provided by DYL as part of your first season with us. Subsequent seasons, players can use their previous jersey or can purchase a new one through the site store.)
  • Black Shorts (No specific requirement. DYL shorts can be ordered through the program store.)

Highly Recommended Equipment:

  • Cleats (These can be lacrosse specific cleats or soccer style cleats.)